Mysql Operator precedence

What is operator precedence in mysql?


MySQL Operator Precedence:

Operators are used to operate with two operands. Wide collection of Operators are available in MySQL. The operator precedences are shown below in the table.
1() [] -> . ::Grouping, scope, array / member access
2! ~ - + * & sizeof type cast ++x --x (most) unary operations, sizeof and type casts
3* / %Multiplication, division, modulo
4+ -Addition and subtraction
5<< >>Bitwise shift left and right
6< <= > >=Comparisons: less-than, ...
7== !=Comparisons: equal and not equal
8&Bitwise AND
9^Bitwise exclusive OR
10|Bitwise inclusive (normal) OR
11&&Logical AND
12||Logical OR
13?: = += -= *= /= %= &= |= ^= <<= >>=Conditional expression (ternary) and assignment operators
14,Comma operator

If a statement contains paranthesis, then the operations inside the paranthesis are performed first. These operators will be explained in the following sections.
The above description shows the MySQL Operator Precedence.

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