Connecting MySQL Server

How to connect MySQL server?


Connecting MySQL server :

There are three ways to connect MySQL server. They are:
  • Command Prompt
  • MySQL Command Line Client
  • External MySQL Tools

Command Prompt :

You can connect MySQL from your Console window i.e., Start -> Run.., type cmd or command to open the Command prompt window.
After opening the console window, enter the path where your MySQL is installed. For example:
C:> "C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server 4.1bin"
After giving the path, enter the below command to connect to MySQL server:
C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server 4.1bin> mysql.exe -u root
The path may vary depending on the MySQL installation on your system. Instead of root you can also connect by giving your username.

MySQL Command Line Client :

To connect MySQL server using the command line client, go to
Start -> Programs -> MySQL -> MySQL Server 4.1 -> MySQL Command Line Client. The command line client window will be opened and enter the password to start your queries.

External MySQL Tools :

You can also get connected to MySQL, using external tool like MySQL Query Browser.

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