diskdump Linux Service

What is diskdump?
diskdump Linux service


diskdump service:

This service is used to cut or copy the file.
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Home PC : NO
Server : NO

Now lets see the manual of diskdump service.
Manual diskdump:
diskdump - copy and cut file
diskdump [-hvV] [-H size] [-n bytes] [-o offset] [file]
Diskdump copies bytes bytes from file file to stdout starting at offset offset. By default, diskdump reads from stdin, starts at offset zero and continues until end-of-file is reached.
In contrast to dd(1), if offset is specified, diskdump positions the file offset by means of lseek(2). For large offsets, this decreases the access time significantly.
display some (more or less) helpful information and exit successfully
increase verbosity level on stderr, flag may be repeatedly specified
display version and compilation info and exit successfully
-H size
Write one hash mark per size bytes on stderr. Size must be either an integer or a combination of an integer and one of the units k, M or G.
-n bytes
copy only bytes bytes (default: until end-of-file)
-o offset
start reading at offset offset (default: 0)
Steffen Solyga <solyga@absinth.net>

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