NetworkManager Linux Service

What is NetworkManager?
NetworkManager Linux service


NetworkManager service:

NetworkManager attempts to make networking invisible.
Required(ON/OFF): View complete List of Services
Home PC : NO
Server : NO

Now lets see the manual of NetworkManager service.
Manual NetworkManager:
NetworkManager [--no-daemon] [--enable-test-devices]
The NetworkManager daemon attempts to keep an active network connection available at all times. The point of NetworkManager is to make networking configuration and setup as painless and automatic as possible. If using DHCP, NetworkManager is intended to replace default routes, obtain IP addresses from a DHCP server, and change nameservers whenever it sees fit, with the aim of making networking Just Work.
The following options are supported:
Do not daemonize. This is useful for debugging.
Enable support for virtual test devices. These are useful for debugging.
NetworkManagerDispatcher(1), nm-tool(1)

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