tar Linux Commands

What is Linux tar Command?



tar command is used to create archive and extract the archive files.


tar [options] [archive-file] [File or directory to be archived]


-c Creates Archive
-x Extract the archive
-f creates archive with give filename
-t displays or lists files in archived file
-u archives and adds to an existing archive file
-v Displays Verbose Information
-A Concatenates the archive files


  1. To archive a directory or file :
    tar -cvf backup.tar /etc

    This command creates a tarfile called backup.tar which is the archive of /etc directory.
    backup.tar- Is a tar file created
    /etc- Is a directory archived
  2. To archive a directory or file and store it in a storage device:
    tar -cvf /dev/fd0 /home/user1/HGB

    This command will archive /etc directory and store it in floppy-disk.
    /dev/fd0- Is a floppy-disk name where the archive is stored
    /home/user1/HGB- Is a directory archived
  3. To Extract the archive:
    tar -xvf backup.tar

    This command will extract the backup.tar file
  4. To List The File In An Archive:
    tar -tvf backup.tar

    The above command will display the files and directories that archived in backup.tar.

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