pkill Linux Commands

What is Linux pkill Command?


pkill COMMAND:

pkill command is used to terminate or stop a running process immediately.


pkill [options]


-d Set the string used to delimit each process ID in the output.
-g pgrp Only match processes in the process group IDs listed.
-f The pattern is normally only matched against the process name.
-l List the process name as well as the process ID. (pgrep only.)
-n Select only the newest (most recently started) of the matching processes.
-o Select only the oldest (least recently started) of the matching processes.
-v Negates the matching.
-x Only match processes whose name exactly match the pattern.
-signal Defines the signal to send to each matched process.


  1. pkill chrome
  2. In the above example, the command stops the web browser chrome, which is currently running in the background.

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