netstat Linux Commands

What is Linux netstat Command?


netstat COMMAND:

nestat command displays statistics information and current state of network connections, protocol, ports/ sockets and devices.


netstat [options]


-s dispalys statics information about protocols.
-i dispalys statistics information about the network interface.
-r diplays routing table.
-c displays statistics information and updates every second.
-l displays information about all sockets that are in listening state.
-a displays information about all sockets that are in listening and non-listening state.
-p displays information about sockets with ProcessName and PID.


  1. To get statistics of network connections:
    The sample output of above command:
    Active Internet connections (w/o servers)
    ProtoRecv-QSend-QLocal AddressForeign Address State

    Proto-Specifies the Protocol used for connection.
    Recv-Q-Specifies the Number of Bytes which are not recevied.
    Send-Q-Specifies the Number of Bytes not send to destination.
    Local Address-Specifies the local or source address and port.
    Foreign Address-Specifies the destination address and port.
    State-Specifies the current state of conection to the socket.
    • ESTABLISHED - Connection is Established.
    • TIME_WAIT - Waiting to receive packets.
    • LISTEN - Listening to establish connection.
  2. To Get Statistics of Protocols:
    netstat -s
    The Sample output of above command:
    5193 incoming packets delivered
    4813 requests sent out
    4033 segments received
    4813 segments send out
    41 ICMP messages received
    178 ICMP messages sent
  3. To Get statistics of Network Interface:
    netstat -i
    The sample output of above command:
    Kernel Interface table
    eth0 1500013080 13450BMRU
    This is the statistics information of Ethernet Card[eth0].

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