killall Linux Commands

What is Linux killall Command?


killall COMMAND:

killall command is used to terminate all running processes, whose name is given as the argument of the command.


killall [option(s)] name


-e Require an exact match for very long names.
-g Terminate the process group to which the running process belongs.
-i Interactively ask for confirmation before killing.
-l List all known signal names.
-q Do not complain if no processes were killed.
-w Wait for all killed processes to die.
-S Specify SID: kill only processes with given SID.
-c Specify security context: terminate only processes with given security context.


  1. killall firefox

  2. The above command will terminate the firefox process, which is currently running.
  3. killall -l

  4. The above command will list all signals in Linux version.

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