date Linux Commands

What is Linux date Command?



date command prints the date and time.




-a Slowly adjust the time by sss.fff seconds (fff represents fractions of a second). This adjustment can be positive or negative.Only system admin/ super user can adjust the time.
-sdate-string Sets the time and date to the value specfied in the datestring. The datestr may contain the month names, timezones, 'am', 'pm', etc.
-u Display (or set) the date in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-universal time).

%a Abbreviated weekday(Tue).
%A Full weekday(Tuesday).
%b Abbreviated month name(Jan).
%B Full month name(January).
%c Country-specific date and time format..
%D Date in the format %m/%d/%y.
%j Julian day of year (001-366).
%n Insert a new line.
%p String to indicate a.m. or p.m.
%T Time in the format %H:%M:%S.
%t Tab space.
%V Week number in year (01-52); start week on Monday.


  1. date command

    The above command will print Wed Jul 23 10:52:34 IST 2008
  2. To use tab space:
    date +"Date is %D %t Time is %T"

    The above command will remove space and print as
    Date is 07/23/08 Time is 10:52:34
  3. To know the week number of the year,
    date -V

    The above command will print 30
  4. To set the date,
    date -s "10/08/2008 11:37:23"

    The above command will print Wed Oct 08 11:37:23 IST 2008

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