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What is Linux crontab Command?


crontab COMMAND:

crontab command is used to add cron jobs to cron table. Those jobs are nothing but programs that will run at scheduled time intervals automatically.


crontab [-u user] file [options]


-u It specifies the name of the user whose crontab is to be tweaked.
-l The current crontab will be displayed on standard output.
-r The current crontab will be be removed.
-e This option is used to edit or create cron jobs.
-i This option modifies the -r option to prompt the user for a 'y/Y' response before actually removing the crontab.


  1. crontab -e
    */10 12 * * Mon /bin/sh /home/root/bin/server-backup ~ ~ here, */10 - minutes 12 - hour * - day of month * - month of year Mon - day of week
  2. The command on execution will list all the cron jobs that already exists. You can either edit or add a new cron job to the table.
    In the above example, The cronjob 'server-backup' will be running every Monday at 12th hour for every 10 minutes.

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