chown Linux Commands

What is Linux chown Command?


chown COMMAND:

chown command is used to change the owner / user of the file or directory. This is an admin command, root user only can change the owner of a file or directory.


chown [options] newowner filename/directoryname


-R Change the permission on files that are in the subdirectories of the directory that you are currently in.
-c Change the permission for each file.
-f Prevents chown from displaying error messages when it is unable to change the ownership of a file.


  1. chown hiox test.txt

    The owner of the 'test.txt' file is root, Change to new user hiox.
  2. chown -R hiox test

    The owner of the 'test' directory is root, With -R option the files and subdirectories user also gets changed.
  3. chown -c hiox calc.txt

    Here change the owner for the specific 'calc.txt' file only.

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