AUTRACE Linux Command

What is Linux autrace Command?


autrace COMMAND:

The autrace command is a program that will add the audit rules to trace a process similar to strace. This command is similar to strace. It will then execute the program passing arguments to it. The resulting audit information will be in the audit logs if the audit daemon is running or syslog. This command deletes all audit rules prior to executing the target program and after executing it. As a safety precaution, it will not run unless all rules are deleted with auditctl prior to use.


autrace program [-r] [program-args]...


Option Description
-r Limit syscalls collected to ones needed for analyzing resource usage. This could help people doing threat modeling. This saves space in logs.


  1. The following illustrates a typical session:
    autrace /bin/ls /tmp
    It will print the output like below:
    Waiting to execute: /bin/ls
    config-err-dO0gXb orbit-hioxsoftwares unity_support_test.0
    lost+found plugtmp
    Cleaning up...
    Trace complete. You can locate the records with 'ausearch -i -p 11410'

  2. and for resource usage mode:
    autrace -r /bin/ls
    Waiting to execute: /bin/ls
    A.class Mainclass.class
    ActionExample.class MainClass.class
    B.class nestedclass.class
    bufferedreader.class nestedclass$Inner.class new node
    C.class node_modules
    configure.scan object
    Desktop stringdemo.class
    foo.txt test
    Cleaning up..
    . Trace complete. You can locate the records with 'ausearch -i -p 11414'

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