alias Linux Commands

What is Linux alias Command?


alias COMMAND:

alias command allows you to create a shortcut to a command. As the name indicates, you can set alias/shortcut name for the commands/paths which is too longer to remember.


alias [options] [ AliasName [ =String ] ]


-a Removes all alias definitions from the current shell execution environment.
-p Prints the list of aliases in the form alias name=value on standard output.


  1. To create a shortcut temporarily:
    aliaslhost='cd /var/www/html'

    This command will set lhost to cd /var/www/html/.
    Now if you type lhost it will take you to the specified folder/directory.
  2. To create a shortcut Permanently:
    You can put your aliases into the /home/user/.bashrc file. It is good to add them at the end of the file.
    aliashome='cd /var/www/html/hscripts/linux-commands'

    Now if you type home it will take you to the specified folder/directory.
  3. To create a shortcut for a command:

    This command will set c to clear.
    Now if you type c it will clear the screen.

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