With Statement Code

How to use with statement in javascript?
Using many functions of an object in easiest way?


"with" statement is used when numerous function of an object is used or a function of an object is to be used numerous times.
// Calling the functions or methods of the object

For this example we will use the object "document" and its methods (functions) "write" and attribute "title".


<script language="javascript">
write(" inside with statement <br>");
write(" using with(object) we can call its functions directly <br>");
write (" TITLE -"+title);


In the above example you can clearly see that the write function is executed numerous times with out calling document.write() and also title (document.title) is called. You can use any objects with "with" statement. e.g: date, math, etc. You will know more about these objects in later part of the tutorial.

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