Javascript Variable String

How can we use a string in javascript?
How to use the special characters '(quote), "(double quote), (backslash), newline, tab in javascript string variable?


String- E.g: "sdfesdfe"
For a variable to be a string type, the value assigned should be given in quotes.
A number given within quotes will be considered only as a string and not as an integer.
i.e if
var a = "2";
var b = "2";
then a+b will give "22" and not 4.
Special Character's: To use the special characters like tab, newline, back space, double quotes, etc.. in string variable the following format should be used
CharacterCode to be used
Single Quote'
Double Quote\"
Horizontal Tabt
New Linen
Back Spaceb
Carriage Returnr


<script language="javascript">
var as = "this is "a" 'test'";


this is "a" 'test'

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