String Function - lastIndexOf

how to find the last occurrence position of a character or word in a string using javascript?


Object: String
Method or Function: lastIndexOf(string)
Description: This method is similar to indexOf() function and takes a character or string as an argument. Searches the given string in the main string and returns the last occurrence position of the string. Returns -1 if the search string is not present in the main string.

Example Code:
<script language=javascript>
var ss = "a last index test ";
var result = ss.lastIndexOf("e");


In the above example,
  • the main string is stored in a variable ss.
  • the method take a character "e" as argument.
  • the method searches in main string (ss) for the search string "e".
  • "e" is at two positions 10 and 14. last occurrence value 14 is returned as result.

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