Math Basic Methods

Methods available in Math Object for basic calculation in javascript?


Object: Math Methods
Math object has the following methods that can be used to do specific & basic operations like getting random numbers, rounding a number, square root calculation, etc.. in javascript
The below table lists the methods that are available for math calculations
ConstantExample CodeResultDescription
abs(value) Math.abs(2.822); abs() method returns the absolute value of the argument passed.
ceil(value) Math.ceil(3.44); ceil() method returns the nearest greater integer value of the value passed as argument. The argument can be an integer or float.
floor(value) Math.floor(2.44); floor() method returns the nearest lowest (least) integer value of the argument passed.
log(value) Math.log(3);- Result:
log(x) function returns the natural logarithm of the value used.
max(value1, value2) Math.max(14, 12); Math.max(value1, value2) compares the two values and returns the maximum value of the two values passed.
min(value1, value2) Math.min(14, 12); Math.min(value1, value2) compares the two values and returns the minimum value of the two values passed.
pow(value1, value2) Math.pow(4, 2); Math.pow(value1, value2) function is used to calculate xy calculation. Here it is 42.
random()Math.random() Math.random() gives a random value between 0 and 1. more...
round() Math.round(9.678); Math.round() function is used to round a float (decimal) value to the nearest integer value. i.e. round of 4.5 will give 5, rounding of 4.4 will give 4.

These functions can be used for rounding a number to the nearest greater, lowest values, comparing two numbers, finding log, absolute value, etc.... Next we will look in to function of math object that can be used for trigonometric calculations.

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