INTRODUCTION to Javascript

Introduction of JavaScript

Javascript is the client side scripting language, developed by netscape, used along with HTML to build an efficient web site / webpage.

In the beginning stages, web pages were developed only using html which are nothing but static pages. User interaction and dynamic changes are not possible with html. With the advent of scripting languages, the problem was solved. There are two types of script languages - server side and client side.

When a page is requested, the request is sent to the server and data is fetched and viewed in the browser.

  • If the dynamic changes in the webpage are caused in the client side (the browsers like mozilla / IE) it is called client side scripting language (E.g. - Javascript).
  • If the dynamic changes in the web page are caused in the server side (the server checks the request and based on the data it makes changes in the page before sending the data to the browser) it is called server side scripting language (E.g. - php).

Java script codes are embedded in HTML files. Whenever a browser requests for a webpage, the HTML file along with script is transferred to the browser. This tutorial will give you an introduction and help you learn java script.

JavaScript is used to create dynamic changes, validate forms, detect visitor details, create/use cookies, etc.. JavaScript works in all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari and more.

Java and Javascript: Never confuse javascript with java. Java is an application development language developed by SUN Microsystems and has no link to javascript. Javascript was created long before java was developed. Javascript is many times denoted as java script.

This tutorial will help both beginners and advanced users to learn java script.

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