History Go Method

How to move to a certain page in history list using javascript


Methods or Function: go()

go() function takes one argument. It can take an integer argument or a string argument.
Code: go(n);
where n can be a negative, zero or positive integer.
a) if n<0, it takes to the previous pages in the history list. i.e go(-1) takes to previous page, go(-2) takes two page back and so on..
b) if n=0, nothing happens
c) if n>0, it takes to the next pages in the history list. i.e go(1) takes to next back, go(2) takes two pages ahead and so on..


To create a button that loads two pages backward using javascript.
<script language="javascript">
function gourl(){
<input type=button value="go back" onClick=gourl()>


In the above example
a) we created a button
b) added a onClick event listener to the button.
c) when user clicks on the button the javascript function gourl()
will be invoked.
d) in the function we call history.go(-2) to go two steps backward.

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