Continue Statement

How to terminate or stop from a loop for only one iteration in javascript?


Continue statement is used to stop or terminate one iteration of the loop in execution. It is used in "for, while, do-while" looping statements. Continue statement unlike break statement does not completely terminate the loop. It stops processing for only one iteration and brings the control back to the beginning of the loop.
For an example, we will try to stop processing inside a for loop when i is 2.


<script language="javascript">
for(var i=0; i<5; i++)
if(i == 2)
document.write("i is - "+i);


The example worked as follows,
a) This for loop has five iterations from i=0 to i=4.
b) It executes document.write at every iteration.
c) when i is 2 the condition above document.write becomes true and so it is called.
d) continue statement terminates the looping sequence and brings the control to the beginning of loop, starting the next iteration.
e) Thus the print was not done for i as 2.

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