Spellcheck Attribute



Spellcheck attribute checks the "Grammar" and performs the "Spell check" work for the texts placed inside an element.
<input spellcheck="true/false">
Values added with this attribute are:
TrueContent is spellchecked.
FalseText will not be checked.

Example Code 1:

Result 1:

Insert words in between this text.

Example Code 2:

Result 2:

Insert words in between this text.

    Example Code 1 (Explanation):
  • The content will be spellchecked.
  • Websites which accepts comments from user can activate this attribute, in order to assist the user to provide their comments without any mistakes.

  • Example Code 2 (Explanation):
  • The Content will not be spellchecked, if the value of spellcheck is given as "False".
It is supported by the entire elements in HTML5 and it is not available in the previous versions of the HTML.


It will function only in Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers.

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