Nav (Navigation) Tag



Nav tag is the collection of "A" tags i.e. it encloses the entire "A" tags.
It is used to insert navigational links, so the user can click the link and visit a new page.
<nav> <a href="Link">Text</a> </nav>
The navigational links are commonly seen in all the websites.

Example Code:

Result :
  • The color, style and size of the texts enclosed by this tag can be modified.
  • Only the <a> can be used as an additional tag in <nav>.
  • The links which comes under footer section should be inserted in between <footer>.
It is newly launched in HTML5 and it is not available in the earlier versions of HTML.
It supports both Global Attributes and Event Attributes in HTML5.


It will function in all major browsers, except "Internet Explorer" 8.0 and its previous versions.

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