Meter tag



Meter tag is used to describe the measurement.
<meter value="Value" min="Value" max="Value">Value</meter> <meter value="Value">Percentage</meter>
The Element Specific attributes supported by this tag are:
formFrom_idIt indicates one or more forms where the <meter> belongs to.
highNumberIt points the range that is considered to be a high value.
lowNumberIt specify the range that is considered to be a low value.
minNumberIt indicates the maximum value of the range.
maxNumberIt mentions the maximum vaue of the range.
optimumNumberIt points the optimal value for the gauge.
valueNumberIt indicates the current value of the gauge. It is compulsorily to use this attribute.

Example Code 1:

Result 1:

50 out of 100 50%

Example Code 2:

Result 2:

  • It is possible to set the lowest and highest value for a measurement.
  • If the value comes below the minimum value then it is shown in "Yellow" color.
  • If the value exceeds the maximum value then it is displayed in "Golden" color.
It is newly introduced in HTML5 and it does not exist in previous versions of the HTML.
It supports both Global Attributes and Event Attributes in HTML5.


It will function only in "Chrome and Opera" browsers.

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