Manipulating Text

<UL> (Unordered List Element)


Manipulating Text refers that the user have a control over the text, also to handle and modify them in a better way.
List of available elements:
AUse this tag to navigate from one page to another.
AbbrProvides abbreviation for a word/text.
BIt highlights and differentiates a word from rest of the content.
BDOOverride a sentence by using this tag.
CiteHighlights the important keywords in a content.
CodeShows the coding related areas in a different font style.
DFNExhibit the definitions in a new style.
EMUse this tag to provide special importance to the keyword in a content.
HgroupIt combines the entire heading tags.
H1Applies level 1 heading for a title.
H2Set level 2 heading for title.
H3Add level 3 heading for title.
H4Apply level 4 heading for title.
H5Insert level 5 heading for the title.
H6Set level 6 heading for title.
IUse this tag to display the keywords in italic style.
KBDApplies a different font style to the text.
MarkHighlights the word by adding color to the text.
MeterIt mentions the measurement.
ProgressShow progress of a work.
QAdd double quotes for words and highlight them by using this tag.
SampDisplays the texts in different font size and style.
StrongHighlights the keyword in a new style.
SubShow the text below the base line.
SupExhibit a word above the base line.
SmallUse this tag to display the text in smaller size.
SpanAdd styles to the texts in a content.
VarShow the variable in a different style.

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