Input Type Attributes



Input Type Attributes are widely used with the "Forms".
The input fields inside the form gets validated on its own, when the user submits the form.
List of available attributes:
ColorUser can select a color from the list.
DatePick the required date in the input field.
DatetimeChoose the date and time of any day.
Datetime LocalSelect date, time and time zone at once.
EmailEnter your email id in the input field.
MonthChoose the month and year at once.
NumberUser should fill only the numeric values in the input field.
RangeEnter a value from the range of numbers.
SearchJust enter the text and search for the details.
TelIt allows user to enter the phone number in input field.
TimeEnter the time in the input field.
URLURL should be entered in input field.
WeekSelect both the week and the year at once.

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