Global Attributes

<input width='value'>


Global Attributes are applicable to all the elements in HTML5.
It is also referred as Standard Attributes.
List of available attributes:
AccesskeyIt is a shortcut key which can be used to access a particular element.
ClassIt points a class mentioned in the style sheet.
ContenteditableContent inside the element may/maynot be modified by the user.
contextmenuIt embeds a context menu for the element. The value stated must be the id of <menu>
DirIt indicates the direction for the text in an element for e.g. either left or right.
DraggableThe content inside the element can be dragged.
HiddenThe elements will be vanished.
IDIt points individual id for an element.
LangIt defines the language of the content inside the element.
SpellcheckIt checks the spelling and grammer of the text inside the element.
StyleIt points the inline style for an element.
TabindexThe taborder for an element can be fixed.
TitleIt mentions a title associate with the element.

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