bdo (Bidirectional Override) Tag

<BDO> (Bidirectional Override Tag)


BDO tag is used to reverse the sentences in a document. It defines the direction of a text.
The word bdo stands for Bidirectional Override.
<bdo dir="ltr/rtl">Text</bdo>
Element Specific attributes supported by this tag are mentioned below:
dir ltr, rtl It is mandatory. It specifies the direction of the charcaters in a content.

Example Code:

Result :

This text will be placed from left to right
thgir ot tfel morf decalp eb lliw txet sihT
  • Text can be placed either form "left to rigt" or else from "right to left".
  • The direction of the text is determined by the attirbute "dir".
It is available in previous versions of HTML.
It supports both Global Attributes and Event Attributes in HTML5.


It is applicable to all the major browsers.

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