Article tag



Article tag helps to apply similar style to the entire paragraphs in an article.
Article is a group/set of paragraphs that are combined together.
<article> <p>Content</p> </article>
Find the model of articles in "Blogs", contents published in "Newspaper" and also in "Forums" where people have expressed their comments or opinions.

Example Code:

Result :

Live Stream Hosting

Live streaming is a process of broadcasting events live over the Internet. It is mainly used to broadcast live scores, news, concerts, etc to the users through the websites.

It is also used for video chats, conferences, training sessions, etc in various organizations where employees of various locations communicate with each other.
  • The above content resembles an article.
  • It minimizes the repeated works done by a user. It is not necessary to apply style for each and every paragraph in an article.
It is newly introduced in HTML5.
It supports both Global Attributes and Event Attributes in HTML5.


It is applicable to all the major web browsers except Internet Explorer 8.0 and its previous versions.

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