a tag

<a> (Anchor Tag)


a tag mentions a hyperlink, which a user can use to move from one page to another.
<a href="Link">Text</a>
Links by default will appear as follows:
1] Active link - Underlined and appears in red color.
2] Visited link - Underlined and displayed in purple color.
3] Unvisited link - Underlined and shown in blue color.
Element Specific attributes supported by this tag are:
hrefurlIndicates the URL of the link page.
hreflanglanguage_codeMentions about lang of document available in the link page.
mediamedia_queryDefines the media/device, for which the link is optimized.
relbookmark, license, alternate, help, next, nofollow, prefetch, noreferrer, tag, prev, search, authorReveals the connection between current page and link.
target_top,_blank,_parent,_self, framenameIndicates where to open the link.
typemime_typeMentions MIME type of the linked document.

The above mentioned "Element Specific" attributes will function only when the "href" attribute is inserted in <a>.

Example Code 1:

Result 1:

Example Code 2:

Result 2:

Example Code 3:

Result 3:
  • In HTML 4.01, <a> was used as both hyperlink & anchor.
  • "_blank" value of target attribute helps to open a link in new window of a browser.
  • "self" value of target attribute is used to open a link in same page.
It is available in previous versions of HTML.
It supports both Global Attributes and Event Attributes in HTML5.


It is applicable to all the browsers.

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