Html Quotations - q, blockquote Tag

How to give short and long quotations using html?


HTML <q> for Short Quotations :

<q> </q>
The above tag is used in HTML to provide double quotations. Write your text in between the above said tags and it will appear inside double quotes.
Example :

<p>HTML stands for : <q>Hyper Text Markup Language</q></p>

Result :

HTML stands for : Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML <blockquote> for Long Quotations:

<blockquote> </blockquote>
The quoted portion is defined by this tag. This tag is usually used for indentation.
Example :
<p>Example for blockquote :</p><blockquote>This text is inside <blockquote> tag</blockquote>

Result :

Example for blockquote :
This text is inside <blockquote> tag

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