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What is paragraph tag in html?


HTML Paragraphs

<p> </p>
In HTML, the tag <p> is used to represent a paragraph. Paragraphs are useful to provide legibility for the contents of the HTML pages. When this paragraph tag is used, an empty line is added before and after a paragraph for the HTML contents. As it is hard to determine how HTML will be displayed in screens of different sizes and in resized windows it is better to use this paragraph tag thereby changing the output as a paragraph. Hence it is not necessary to add extra spaces or extra lines in your HTML code. Even though any extra spaces and lines are used, these are removed by the browser when the page is displayed. For the contents inside the paragraph tag any number of spaces and any number of new lines are considered as only one space.


This is a sample &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; paragraph &nbsp;&nbsp;contains space. The browser will remove the spaces automatically.

Result :

This is a sample paragraph contains space. The browser remove the spaces automatically.

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