Meta Tag

How meta tags are used in Html?


ValueDescription and example
content-languageSpecifies the base language of an element's attribute value and text content.
content-script-typeA client-side script used in the program.
content-style-typeSet's the default style sheet language used in the document.
content-typeSpecifies the document data type.
expiresSets the expiry date of the document.
ext-cacheDefines the name of an alternate cache to Netscape Navigator.
imagetoolbarThis turns off Internet Explorer's image toolbar that appears when you hover an image
pragmaTells the visitor's browser NOT to cache the web page contents.
refreshUsed to reload and redirect Web pages.
set-cookieThis method sets a "cookie" in the user's Web browser.
site-enterSpecifies the transition effect that is to be performed when the site is loaded.
site-exitSpecifies the transition effect that is to be performed when the site is unloaded.
window-targetSpecifies the name of the frame for the current page.

Name and description of the element that is being set.
ValueDescription and example
abstractDefine a secondary description.
authorRecords author name of the document.
classificationClassify the site into the appropriate category.
copyrightUsed to include copyright information in the document.
descriptionDescription of the website.
doc-classIndicates the working state of document.
doc-typeIndicates the type of document.
generatorDefines the name of the program which created the web document.
ownerDefines the owner of the page or site.
keywordsInform search engines what your web site or page is about.
MSSmartTagsPreventParsingThis tag is used to prevent any Microsoft product from automatically generating smart tags.
refreshRefresh the webpage for a specified amount of time.

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