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How to insert a image in html?
Tag to set image border html?
I want to set image in both left and right ends in the same line?


Image Tag:
To insert a image in your a page we need to use the tag "img" with its attribute "src"

Example Code:

<img src="test.jpg">
Result :

Here we assume that we have the image file in the same directory of the html file.
We can also give the full path of the directory as


<img src="C:imagestest.jpg">

Width and Height:

We can resize images that are displayed in web pages using the attributes width and height.

Example Code:

<img src="test.jpg" width=100 height=100>
Result :


We can align the image using the attribute "align".
The attribute takes values left or right or center.Example :
<img src="test.jpg" align=left> <img src="test.jpg" align=right>
Result :


We can set border around images using the attribute "border". This can be used to create a space around the picture.Example :
<img src="test.jpg" border=4>
Result :

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