HTML Button Tag

How to create a button in html page?
How to make the button disabled?
How to use image as a button?


Example :
<form name=myform>
<input type="button" name=myButton value="HAI">

Result :

Here we define the button using "input" tag. we give a attribute called "TYPE=BUTTON" in the tag which defines the type as a button. The attribute name may be defined. The value which we want to be displayed in the button should be given using the attribute "value"( e.g: value=HAI)

Non Editable / Un Clickable / Disabled Button
To disable a form button is very simple. We can make a button non editable or un clickable (i.e user cant edit the filed) using the entry "disabled".
Example :
<input type="button" name=myButton value="disable" disabled>
Result :

Image Button
We can make a image as a button using the attribute "type=image" in input tag.
Example :
<input type="image" name=myImgButton src="./test.jpg" width=50 height=20>
Result :

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