Address Bar Icon in HTML page

How to put an address bar icon on my website?
What is favicon and how can I add it?


Favorites Icon
Create a image with size 16X16 pixels and of format .ico, some browser can use .jpg or .gif formats too. Preferably create a .ico image.
We have used a gif [] as a favicon for this page.
Upload the image file in to your directory [preferably root dir].
Use the following html code inside the <head> tag of your web page.

Example 1:

Using complete path
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="">
The link tag does the magic. Give the complete path of the uploaded image in href attribute.

Example 2:

Using the path from the root dir
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/images/h22.gif">
Here we use the path beginning from the root dir. i.e if the image or icon is present under the path should begin from /images/....
The address bar image also called as favicon may not work properly in IE browsers. Test it with a browser like mozilla or firefox. Create your .jpg/.gif files, it can be converted to .ico using some free online utilities.

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