CSS an Intro

What is css and how do we use it in html?


This is a very small intro to css. Learn css with the css tutorials.
This will make you more interested to learn the CSS in depth.
CSS - Cascading style sheets. Its used with html component and it adds more beauty to the html components. We will see one example.
<div style="border: green solid 3px;">
This font takes css styles
Result :
This font takes css styles

The attribute "style" belongs to css.
The style can be added to any html tag.
Here we have set a border using style sheet.
The format is as given in the example.
First we will define the attribute we are trying to set, followed by ":" and the value.
In this case border is the attribute and its value is the order of "border-color border-type border-size".
Then the attribute will end with ";".
Another example:
<a href="http://www.hioxindia.com">
<div style="border: red solid 1px; background-color: white;">
Link Using Styles
Result :
More will flow in our css tutorials.

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