How to Undo, Clear an Image

How to undo, clear an image in GIMP?


This page explains you how to undo or clear an image in GIMP.
Steps to Follow:
To Undo->
- Open GIMP.
- Commence a file by choosing "File -> Open", pick a file and click "Ok" button.
Open file for undoing or erasing an image.
- After making changes to the image, suppose you wish to have the old image back, then click "Edit->Undo" or else press "Ctrl+Z".
- Click "Edit->Fill with FG Color" to apply Foreground Color to an image. (view the below image)

- The default foreground color is "Black". So black is filled on the image. (View the above image)
- Now click Edit->Undo or else press Ctrl+Z to undo.

- The undo process is completed and the changes made on the image are removed.
To Clear->
- Open GIMP and launch a file by clicking the "File -> Open" then choose a file and click "Ok" button.
- First click "Select->All" or press "Ctrl+A" to select the whole image.
- Incase you want a part of the image to be removed, choose any one of the tools like "Rectangle Select Tool/ Ellipse Select Tool/ Free Select Tool" from the toolbox as per your convenience and select the portion in the image.
- Make any modifications in the image or else apply color to the image.
- Now click Edit->Clear or else simply press the Delete button to clear the whole image.
- Finally click "File -> Save" to save the file.

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