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Tool Box in GIMP


Introduction - Toolbox:
* The Tool box assists the user to generate/develop an image file. File or image cannot be manipulated without the help of these tool options.
* 33 Tools are available here to create images.
Steps to Follow:
- Launch GIMP.
- View the Toolbox in the left side of the screen.
GIMP Tool Box
The below portion of the toolbox displays the subsidiary options of the chosen tool in the main panel.
Tool Options
- Options like Save, Restore, Delete and Reset are available at the bottom portion of the toolbox.
- If you desire to make some modifications in the current tool options, then you can do it by Configuring it. Click the left arrow icon to "Configure the Tools".
GIMP Toolbox
- User can customize the toolbox in GIMP.
* These are classified into 5 categories on the basis of their Type or Nature of their performance. They are
1. Selection Tools
2. Brush Tools
3. Transform Tools
4. Miscellaneous Tools
5. Color Tools

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