How to Use Tool options in Toolbox

How to use tool options in GIMP toolbox?


* The Tool Options are available to customize the options for a tool.
* Use the existing tool options to modify the options of an image.
* It is easy to access the "Tool Options" as it lies at the bottom of the toolbox.
How to Launch:
-> Launch GIMP.
-> Now you can see the toolbox at the right hand side of the screen.
How to Use:
-> Click any one of the available tools, For e.g. Select by Color - the options of the tool will be displayed at the bottom of the toolbox.
GIMP Toolbox
-> If you feel the tool options congested and if you like to see it separately, then do as mentioned below.
-> Click and drag the "Select by Color" tool out of the box.
Tool Options
-> Then the Select by Color tool gets displayed in a separate box. The height and width of the box can be adjusted manually, as required.
Select by Color

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