How to Change Theme

How to Change the Theme in GIMP?


* It enables the user to select a theme which determines the appearance of GIMP.
* This feature also establishes some new features in the appearance of the GIMP on selection. For e.g. icons, icon size, fonts, spacing allowed in dialogs, etc.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Then click Edit->Preferences.
- A box displays with a name Preferences with some options in it.
- Click one of the Themes from the options displayed.

- Two theme options are listed in the category. Click on any one of the themes in the box and view the change in the appearance simultaneously.
- For e.g. Click the Small option in the select theme to install it and see the transformation instantly.
Change Theme GIMP
- Make the changes and click Ok button to change theme.

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