How to Add Stroke / Borders on Selection

How to add stroke lines or borders to an image selection in GIMP?


Stroke Selection is an act of striking the selected portion of an image.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Click File -> Open and then choose a file. Click Ok button.
File Open
- Now select a portion of the image using selection tool.
- Click Edit->Stroke Selection or else you can access it through clicking Select->Selection Editor.
- Then a box named Stroke Selection appears.
Stroke Selection
Normally, you can strike the image either by applying Stroke Line or with the Paint Tool option.
Stroke line:
- Click the radio button named Stroke line and then set the Line width.
Add Stroke Line
- Pick either Solid color/Pattern as you require.
- When you click the Line Style, a few more options appear. Set the "Cap style, Join style, Miter limit, Dash pattern and Dash preset" as per your need and finally choose Antialiasing option if you want.
- The Antialiasing option smoothens the curved strokes or strokes drawn over an image. Use this option to soften the strokes drawn over an image.
Stroke Line Style
- Finally, the click Stroke button.
- Wait until the image gets processed and then you can find the stroke on image. (View the below image)
Border on Selection
* To gather more information related to stroke selection, just use this Stroke an image with Paint Tool link.

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