Stroke an image with Paint Tool

How to add stroke lines or borders to an image selection in GIMP?


* Stroke with a paint tool option enables the user to strike an image with the 11 paint tools provided in the Brush Tools.
* The tools(view the last image of this page) of the brush tools can be used to strike an image.
* The tools available with this option can also be termed as "Paint Tools".
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Launch a new image file and select a portion of it.
- Click Edit->Stroke Selection or else you can access it through clicking the Select->Selection Editor.
- Then a box named Stroke Selection appears.
- Click the radio button named "Stroke with a paint tool" in the Stroke Selection box.
Stroke Selection With Paint Tool
- Select any one of the options available from the paint tool, for e.g. Eraser and also choose Emulate brush dynamics if you wish.
- Emulate brush dynamics allows the user to combine the different brush parameters i.e. the three input dynamics "pressure, velocity and random" to enhance the level and appearance of an image.
- Then click the Stroke button and then see the erase featured stroke on the image.
Remove Border Selection
- Apply the available options under the paint tool (below listed items), in order to have best stroke for your image.
Image Brush Strokes
- Finally click "File -> Save" the file.

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