How to Shrink an Image

How to shrink images in GIMP?


* Shrink Image option minimizes the size of the selected portion in an image.
* It moves the points on the edge of the selection to a certain distance.
How to Launch:
- Open GIMP.
- Launch a new image file.
- Now select a portion of an image.
- Then, click Select -> Shrink.
- A box named Shrink Selection displays.
- Just set the value, choose the type in the mode i.e. pixels or millimeters, in which you want to shrink an image.
- Set the option "Shrink from image border" if you want the image to be shrunken from the border.
- Finally click Ok button.
- Now the selected portion in the image gets shrunk.
- The marked portion in the above is the shrunken part.
- Finally save the file by clicking "File->Save" button.

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