How to Shrink and Grow Image

How to shrink and grow images in GIMP?


* Shrink option minimizes the size of the selected portion in an image.
* It moves the points on the edge of the selection to a certain distance.
* Grow option maximizes the choosed portion in an image.
* Either the selected portion or the whole image can be maximized.
How to launch:
- Open GIMP and launch an image file.
- Select the portion of an image, using any one available selection tools.
- Click Select -> Shrink.
- A box named Shrink Selection displays.
- Apply the values in the above box to shrink an image.
Grow an image:
* Grow option allows you to maximize the selection.
- Click Select -> Grow.
- A box named Grow Selection appears.
- Set the values in the above box as per your requirements to grow an image.
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