How to Select / Deselect an Image

How to select / deselect an image in GIMP?


This page guides you as to how to select and deselect an image in GIMP.
* It helps the user to choose the entire portion or a part of an image.
Select Image:
- Start GIMP.
- Launch an image.
- Click Select -> All or simply press Ctrl+A button
Select All
- The image gets selected.
Select Image
- Then you can commence your work and finally Save the file.
If you want to unselect the marked portion, then proceed as below:
- Start GIMP and Open a file.
- Image gets displayed. You may select the entire portion or a part of an image.
- Click Select -> None or press Ctrl+Shift+A button to deselect the selected image.
Deselect Image
- Finally click the Save Button to save the file.

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