How to Scale An Image

How to resize the photos using scale option in GIMP?


* Scaling option permits you to resize an image in GIMP.
Steps to Follow
- Open GIMP.
- Launch a new image file.
- Click Image -> Scale Size.
- A box named "Scale Image" gets displayed.

- Under the Scale Image, the options "Image size and Quality" are available.
- Apply the "Height, Width and Resolutions" under the Image Size category and set the type of "Interpolation". Set the options and finally click the "Scale" button.
- By default, when you enter the dimension in width, the height will get adjusted proportionally. In order to set both the width and height dimensions manually, just split the tag by clicking over the highlighted portion on the above image and then adjust the dimension.
- Now the below image has been scaled.
- Finally save the file by clicking the Save button.

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