How to Apply Rounded Rectangle to an Image

How to apply rounded rectangle to an image in GIMP?


This page explains how to apply rounded rectangle to an image in GIMP.
* It helps to round/circle the corners of an image, which is chosen by the user.
Steps to Follow:
- Open GIMP.
- Start new file.
- Then click Select -> Rounded Rectangle.
Select Rounded Rectangle
- Then a box named Rounded Rectangle gets displayed.
Rounded Rectangle Selection
- Set the Radius either by entering manually or by placing the tab at the required radius percentage.
- Pick the Concave option, if you need bowl-shaped curve when the image displays.
- Then the image is displayed with the round cornered concave effect (if concave option is applied) where it has been selcted. (See the below image)
Apply Rounded Rectangle to Image
- At the end, save the file by clicking at the Save button.

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