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How to use rotate tool in GIMP?


* It revolves the layer, paths and selected portion in the image.
* It helps to spin an image in different directions. The subsidiary options enables obtaining various transformed positioned images.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new image file.
- Now pick Rotate Tool from the toolbox.
GIMP Rotate Tool
- To select, click the Toolbox and then press the button Shift + R (shortcut).
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Tool options:
Direction - This option enables turning an image either in the Normal or Corrective manner.
1] Normal -> This option rotates the image in the forward position.
2] Corrective -> This option rotates the image in the opposite direction i.e. towards backwards, against the option set in the box.
Interpolation - This option helps to curve the image. It takes samples from a grid of pixels from known image areas, then attempts to fit the curve, after that uses those samples to value the unknown image areas.
Clipping - This option helps to cut the image.
Preview - It helps an user to see the preview of an image. The subsidiary options available are Outline, Image, Grid. The Image and Grid can be used together in an image and viewed or else just the outline/image option can be seen separately.
Opacity - This option in an image will make the background to be unclear or vague when the image is filled with color.
Number of grid lines - Set the Grid option in preview to enable this option. This option lists the Grids which are placed on the image while making changes.
15 degrees - This is default option to turn an image by 15 degrees.
How to Use:
- Basically there are two ways to rotate an image.
- The two methods are - Normal (Forward) and Corrective (Backward).
- The "Normal" option rotates an image in forward direction and "Corrective" option rotates an image in backward direction. The rotation depends upon the values entered in the rotation box.
- First set the tool option as "Normal" and click on the image.
- The Rotate box is displayed.

- Now enter the values in "Angle" column and also in "X & Y" coordinates.
- You can view the rotation of the image while entering values in the rotate box.

- Now click the Rotate button in rotate box.
- The image is rotated in forward direction.

- Some additional values applied in the Interpolation, Clipping, Preview will include more features when an image is rotated.
- Now set the option as Corrective, then click the image and in the "Rotate" set the values, click the "Rotate" button.
- Note that the image will be rotated backwards as per the values entered in the rotation box.

- The Clip tool option will chop the selected portions of an image, at when it is rotated.

- Utilize the rest of the tool options to have a perfectly rotated image.

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