How to Enhance Image Using Retinex Tool

How to enhance image using retinex tools in GIMP?


* This option helps to enhance the contrast of the image using the tool Retinex.
Steps to Follow:
- Start GIMP.
- Open an image file.
Retinex Image Enhancement Tool GIMP
- Select the entire image either by clicking Select -> All or press Ctrl+A.
- Click Colors -> Retinex.
Retinex Tool GIMP
- Then a box named Retinex Image Enhancement gets displayed. Select the Preview option in the box and view the existing image. Also use the Zoom option to maximize the image.
Retinex Image Enhancement Tool
- Set the Level as Uniform or Low or High. Adjust the measurements in the Scale, Scale division, Dynamic and see the preview of the image. If you are satisfied, then click the Ok button.
Retinex Image Enhancement
- Finally save the file by clicking the Save button.
-The contrast of an image has been increased by the use of retinex tool.

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