Perspective Tool

How to use perspective tool in GIMP?


* It modifies the perspective of the "layer, selection or path".
* It helps the user to change the View of an image.
How to Launch:
- Open Gimp.
- Launch a new image file.

- Now pick Perspective Tool from the toolbox.
GIMP Perspective Tool
- To select, click the Toolbox and then press the button Shift + P (shortcut).
Tool options:
Transform Tool GIMP
Direction - This option allows you to scale an image either in the Normal or Corrective manner in the perspective tool.
1) Normal -> This option scales the image in the forward position.
2) Corrective -> This scales the image in the backwards position.
Interpolation - This option helps to curve the image.
Clipping - This option clips or trims the image.
Preview - Four options come under this Preview menu. The options are Outline, Image, Grid and Image and Grid.
Opacity - This option in an image will make the background to become vague when the image is filled with color.
Number of grid lines - Set the Grid option in preview to enable this option. This option lists the Grids which are placed on the image while making changes.
How to Use:
- Perspective of the layer can be modified to either forward or backward direction.
- By default, the option is set as Normal (Forward) direction.
- Now click on the image. The Perspective box gets displayed.

- Now click on any portion of the image.
- The selection outline is displayed. Click on the plus (+) symbol to alter the perspective of the image.
- Click and drag the outline to change the borders of the outline.
- After altering the outline, just click the Transform button in the "Perspective" box.
- The perspective of the image will be transformed in normal direction.

- Now let us see how to alter the perspective of an layer to backward direction.
- Set the tool option as Corrective in toolbox.
- As usual click on the image and the selection outline appears.
- Then alter the outline as per your requirement.
- You can view the changes in measurements while altering the selection outline. (View the below image)

- After modifying the outline, just click on the Transform button in the "Perspective" box.
- The image will be transformed in the opposite direction. (View the below image)

- Use the Interpolation, Clipping & Preview tool option in the toolbox to modify the layer effectively.
- Finally, click "File->Save" to save the file.

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